February 29, 2020

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May Birthstone Guide: EMERALD

April 30, 2018

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6 Underrated Gems & Stones

March 17, 2018

it is one of the official birthstonesfor the month of October, along with all of the other varieties of opal gems.There are so many beautiful colored stones, and more getting discovered all the time. Most of us have been introduced to the more popular stones at some point or another: Diamond Ruby, Sapphire Emerald, Pearl, etc... We absolutely adore these gems, but we are here to talk about some underrated gems that we think are simply stunning. 



LABRADORITE- This plagioclase feldspar stone is simply beautiful. The plagioclase feldspars are minerals that constitute an important component of almost every igneous rock, which makes up a great deal of the Earth's crust.


While a Gray/Gray Black stone, Labradorite produces adularescence, which boasts a white to pale bluish luster when turned. This optical effect is so unique to labradorite that it has been termed "labradorescence". This phenomenon is caused by the diffraction of light in the layers of rock. When labradorite is exposed to light and viewed at different angles, the schiller can be seen in a variety of colors. 


Labradorite is a gemstone that was named after Labrador in Canada, where it was found on the Isle of Paul, near Nain in 1770. It has since been found in other places, including Finland, Madagascar, and Australia