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Trends: Stack-able Jewelry & Mixed Metals

Jewelry trends are always changing and evolving, and we are going to be talking about the most popular trending jewelry in 2017/2018. A style that is really trendy right now is wearing smaller, more dainty pieces of jewelry, but stacking many pieces together for a more full look. You may see people wearing several small rings on one finger, many thin bracelets on one arm, and even several dainty necklaces to create a layered look. By layering lightweight jewelry together, it creates a full look without the heaviness of a large statement piece. It also lets you create a variety of different looks and styles by layering different pieces together.

Stacking rings are IN- Mix up metals and styles, as long as each ring is dainty enough to be paired with other rings. We mixed up these gold and rose gold rings to make a whole new look.

The great thing about stacking jewelry is that you can mix up the metals or mix different stones together, and it's like you're creating your own piece of art.

Stacking Rings

Bangle cuffs are always a wonderful addition to your wardrobe, and stacking them up can really add a statement!

Bangle cuffs look GREAT stacked up, especially if each one has a different accent or stone set in it. We stacked 4 beach glass bangles together, each one with a different color of glass. We liked pairing lime green, cobalt blue, periwinkle purple, and aqua blue. Each band has slight variations in finish and texture, but they all go together seamlessly.

beach glass bangles

Even stacking 2 bracelets together can make a bold statement.

Bangle cuffs aren't the only type of bracelet that looks great all stacked up. We also love the way Paris Bracelets look all mixed up. Paris bracelets are made from a stretchy fabric, and each one has a different base color and pattern of swarovski crystals and other accent stones.

grey paris bracelets

Black is one of the favorites, but they also have shades of grey, beige, chestnut, and pink!

black paris bracelets