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Trends: Rough Stone Jewelry

Well, we made it to 2018! We wish you all a Happy New Year, and can't wait to see what 2018 holds. We like to write informational Blogs to keep all of our supporters up-to-date on current & upcoming trends. We also use our blog to introduce new jewelry designs, and share information on gemstones and birthstones. In honor of the New Year, we wanted to dedicate the month of January to all of the great trends 2017 brought, and how they will grow in 2018.

Pictured below is a stone called concretion. Concretion is a hard, compact mass of matter formed by the precipitation of mineral cement within the spaces between particles, and is found in sedimentary rock or soil. It varies in shape, size and color. The color of the stone usually reflects the rock it is found in. These particular pieces of concretion are a beautiful golden to brown color that changes to a deep space grey. They are set in oxidized sterling silver and hung from ear wires. These earrings have a very industrial style to them and that's why we love them so much.

A New Year means a chance to introduce new trends to our customers, or bring a fresh take on old trends. Today, we want to talk about one of my favorite genre's of jewelry. ROUGH STONE jewelry has always existed, but only in recent years have people started to really love the unique style that a rough stone brings. Are you surprised to see this trend blowing up the jewelry industry? Industrial, raw, or rough looking styles have really peaked in all aspects of home decor, style, fashion, and to no surprise- jewelry.

Pictured below is a super beautiful wire wrapped pendant & matching bracelet, with a piece of Michigan ROUGH COPPER as the centerpiece. Michigan is known for it's soil rich in copper deposits, and rock formations. There is something so beautiful about a stone that hasn't been cut, polished, or edited... just a raw piece of nature. These pieces have been wrapped snug with oxidized silver and copper wire.

Rough gemstones are just as valuable as the gemstone you see that has been cut and polished. Leaving a gemstone in it's raw state saves time and money, and allows you to get a beautiful piece of jewelry that is affordable, real, and TRULY unique. No piece of jewelry that features a raw stone will be the same.

Rough stones are growing in engagement and special occasion jewelry as well. Now, you can find very elegant and feminine jewelry that features a raw, uncut stone. Many millennials are turning to alternative engagement rings to save money, and have a ring unlike any other. Raw, uncut diamonds are becoming more and more popular for use in bridal jewelry.

Pictured below are a few of our favorite pieces of jewelry that feature raw gemstones.

The first picture is a piece of rough rose quartz set in a sterling silver bezel. It is such a dainty & feminine piece of jewelry, I just love it!

The other pieces are a matching set of jewelry, featuring Aquamarine, Apatite, and Tanzanite rough stones.

Here is a rough AQUAMARINE stone set in sterling silver- LOVE!

Have you ever seen TANZANITE in it's rough form? We think it's so beautiful.

Here are a few other rough stones that we love because of their natural uniqueness and authenticity!

We wish you a happy new year, and hope you enjoyed this week's informational blog! Next week we will be talking about another great trend- so make sure you subscribe to our blog so you don't miss anything.

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