February 29, 2020

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April 30, 2018

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Dreamy BLACK FRIDAY Jewelry

November 24, 2017











Why do we adore BLACK jewelry?


1. Black goes with everything. Just like clothing, a pair of black earrings or a black necklace can pull your whole look together. 


2. Black never goes out of style. Bad hair day? No problem, just add some black earrings and it's like magic!


3. Black jewelry can easily be dressed up or down. A piece of black jewelry can make you feel extra special during an evening out.


Black jewelry can also be used to dress up a casual outfit when you are rushing out the door. 


4. There are endless amounts of possibilities and styles. Sparkly, matte, shiny, paired with various metals, black gemstones, black diamonds, and even RUBBER jewelry.


Take a look at some of our our favorite pieces of DREAMY BLACK JEWELRY below:



These wonderful earrings are made of black rainbow druzy. With each movement, a new flash of color shows through the crystallized quartz earrings. We set them in a sterling silver bezel to bring out the wonderful rainbow crystals. Made in our shop at Peninsula Jeweler.