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Hey Ram Tamil Movie Download Hd iladar




Title: Hey Ram. 2002. HD. Genre: Action, Crime, Mystery. Story: Mahesh Babu. Starring: Mahesh Babu, Rambha, Shriya Saran. Directed by: K. S. Ravikumar. Length: 119 min. HD Rating: Hi.res. (6.1GB) IMDB: 7.5. IMDB: 7.0. Review: The film has a thrilling middle section but not much else to savour. Director K. S. Ravikumar makes his debut in the Tamil film arena with this fast paced thriller directed towards a movie-going crowd. The film opens with a shootout in a room at the Gateway Hotel in Mysore, this sets the background for the rest of the film. A stolen briefcase with Indian rupees has the police looking for its owner, who happens to be none other than Mahesh Babu. A cop goes missing, the search for him takes the police to the Gateway Hotel and it takes off from there. The police think that he has been kidnapped by the hotel owner who has a reason to eliminate him, that is, to get his hands on the briefcase. There is a brief intermission in the movie after a shootout in the hotel. When it resumes, Mahesh and Shriya are seen in the midst of a passionate kiss, after the police have left, the couple is seen to be having it off on the balcony. It is in the midst of this romantic moment that the owner enters and has a scuffle with the couple. All hell breaks loose and a bomb is planted in Mahesh's car. The chase begins. The movie takes off from here and is choc-a-bloc with action and excitement. The movie is a case of high energy and thrills from start to finish. At the end of the film, the moral of the movie is not crystal clear, it ends on a high note but for the wrong reasons. The film has a solid acting front by Mahesh Babu and Rambha as well as K. S. Ravikumar's fast paced direction. thumbnail. Hey Ram is one of the best Mahesh movies ever. It is by far the best Mahesh movies. She is a person that he cant live without. He is a person that she loves. He is a person that she loves. She is a person that he cant live without. And he is a person



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Hey Ram Tamil Movie Download Hd iladar

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