Trends: Rough Stone Jewelry

Well, we made it to 2018! We wish you all a Happy New Year, and can't wait to see what 2018 holds. We like to write informational Blogs to keep all of our supporters up-to-date on current & upcoming trends. We also use our blog to introduce new jewelry designs, and share information on gemstones and birthstones. In honor of the New Year, we wanted to dedicate the month of January to all of the great trends 2017 brought, and how they will grow in 2018. Pictured below is a stone called concretion. Concretion is a hard, compact mass of matter formed by the precipitation of mineral cement within the spaces between particles, and is found in sedimentary rock or soil. It varies in shape, size and

January Birthstone Guide: GARNET

Garnet gemstones have a rich history, and make up some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry known to man-kind. Check it out....

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